Episode 06 – Nandoland with Nando Vila

On this Struggle Session we’re joined by Emmy-nominated journalist Nando Vila (Fusion). We talk about his documentary ‘Trumpland,’ how the left must offer it’s own narrative, media culture, Twin Peaks, and Game of Thrones.
See Nando’s excellent documentary here: https://fusion.tv/show/the-naked-truth/

Bones – Sanctuary
Chromatics – Shadow
Jimmy Conrad and Nando Vila – Major League Lovin’

Episode 05 – Fist Fight with Evan Susser

Folks, for this session we’ve got an exclusive preview of the script for Bill Clinton’s upcoming thriller, “The President is Missing” and get screenwriting genius Evan Susser (Fist Fight, Doughboys) to reveal its secrets. We also talk the ins and outs of modern comedy film-making and take a detour into Hideo Kojima worship. Enjoy!

Bones – Sanctuary
Run The Jewels – Lie, Cheat, Steal
Shizzy VI and Dan Bull – Metal Gear Rap

Episode 04 – At The Movies PREVIEW

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On this Patron exclusive session we go to the movies! We talk Atomic Blonde and the greatness of Charlize Theron, why Valerian didn’t work, why Dunkirk did, and why the very successful, and very good, Girls Trip was ignored by progressive Hollywood and the bloggerati.

Episode 03 – Blandy McWhiteface

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Today’s show: Hawaii Five-Oh and racist ass CBS. ComicCon and the commodification of the nerd identity. More Alan Moore snake god appreciation. The death of Creator’s Rights. And, finally, a mission statement.

Bones – Sanctuary
Farmers Market Hawaii – The Lower ʻĀina Project – 13K
Saul Williams- List of Demands

Episode 01 – Enter The Wonder Men

During this Struggle Session the crew talks about the fascist leanings of modern superhero movies, the greatness of Alan Moore, and the exact moment when Frank Miller lost it.