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See us live on May 10th in New York!

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Two podcasts — the Katie Halper Show and Struggle Session — join forces for one night only. Struggle Session’s Leslie Lee and Jack Allison travel across the country, or a few states, as Katie remains in her native New York where the three will host a live show of comedy, culture and politics, featuring standup from Jake Flores (Pod Damn America), insights from Jamie Peck (The Antifada) and an interview with special guest Matt Taibbi (Rolling Stone).

Doors open at 7:00PM. Show starts at 8:00PM.

Tickets here!

Struggle Session is the world’s finest politics and pop culture podcast. Leslie Lee III (Jacobin Magazine, Japan Times, Pro Wrestling Is Art), Jack Allison (Jimmy Kimmel Live, JackAM) wade into the reactionary hellhole of modern America. We talk video games, movies, TV, wrestling, comic books, music, anime, and all of your problematic faves.

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Leslie Lee III 
Jacobin Magazine, Japan Times, Pro Wrestling Is Art
Jack Allison 
Jimmy Kimmel Live, Funny Or Die, The Oscars